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About Me

Having grown up in a multi-cultural family, I believe that a certain kind of magic occurs when people of different backgrounds come together to share their stories, ideas, and opinions - they see various perspectives and enjoy deeper, more robust experiences. 


My passion for bringing diverse groups of people together has led me to build companies and communities with the shared mission of supporting, promoting, and connecting people to the resources, opportunities, and networks that can help them reach their personal or professional goals. 


When I’m not coworking or community building; I travel, think, and talk with people about life, purpose, and what they love.


Through my observations and conversations, I learn about the world.




Co-Founder, Chief Community Officer

Deskpass powers workspace freedom by seamlessly connecting people and companies to workspaces they love.

Our Work From Anywhere solution for companies with remote employees provides on-demand desks, meeting rooms, and offices by the hour/day/week/month around the world. There’s no setup or monthly fees; it’s purely pay as you go.


Companies utilizing the Deskpass solution enjoy a free dashboard to centralize billing/reporting, create stipends or spending caps, choose which workspaces their employees can visit and what kind of inventory they can reserve, and more.


Remote employees love Deskpass because they enjoy freedom to choose where their best work happens, from thousands of inspirational, productivity-boosting workspaces. 

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Second Shift

Co-Founder, Chief Strategy Officer

A community-focused coworking space with a mission to support, promote, and connect our members while driving positive social impact in the Logan Square neighborhood.


Second Shift also provides community building consulting and management services which allows existing membership-driven organizations to activate and engage their communities, increase profitability, attract new members, and thrive.

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Forward Fund


A collective to support women by donating funding that will allow the recipient to make significant progress on a project or business venture - in other words 'to move her forward.'

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35 Under 35 Making an Impact in Chicago

Professional Fellow, U.S. Department of State

Chicago Tribune Red Eye - Big Idea For Community Award

46th Ward Innovator Award

Chicago Women On The Move

Best Coworking Space in Chicago (Second Shift)

Chicago's 50 on Fire Companies (Deskpass)





Community Building




Cultural Exchange




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