• Nicole Vasquez

The City Is Now Your Office.

Updated: Nov 4, 2018

Your 10am meeting is downtown, and your 3pm meeting is in the West Loop. 

Instead of going home (or trekking to your company office up north), you set up shop at a cramped Starbucks only to be distracted by the awkward job interview happening on your right, and the inevitable loud-guy-on-cellphone to your left. 

Meet Deskpass, a one-stop membership providing you access to 200+ shared workspaces throughout Chicago, NYC, LA, SF, Boston, Austin, and Denver!

Now, your workday looks like this:

After your meeting you check the Deskpass app to see what workspaces are available nearby and are instantly interested in the sleek white worktables and floor-to-ceiling windows at Grind workspaces. With one click, your booking is confirmed. You walk 2 blocks, and upon arrival are greeted by a friendly receptionist who shows you around and informs you that the gourmet coffee is free and unlimited.

After 2 hours of undistracted productivity, you finish a project with time to spare for lunch. On the way out, you notice a woman working on video editing and ask for her card because you're looking to hire a video editor part-time for another project. After chatting for a few minutes you ask if she knows a good graphic designer that can update your logo, and she says she's got a great contact and will email you his info.

On the way out you ask the receptionist about lunch recommendations, and are excited to know a restaurant thats been on your list for a while is right around the corner. Walking outside, you feel great knowing how much you've gotten done already, and notice you feel energized and refreshed.

Wouldn't you enjoy having access to professional workspaces all over your city?

For membership information, or to browse workspaces, visit www.deskpass.com

Bonus: Use coupon code DP10 at checkout for an added discount!

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